Lifesize Video Conferencing Applications: One bundle. Limitless connections.

Lifesize has truly changed the game in video conferencing. Say farewell to complex hardware you need to force-fit into your infrastructure. With Lifesize, you get everything necessary for breakthrough video conferencing in one bundled, software-based platform. Available in bundles that are right-sized for your business, the Lifesize applications include everything you need to host multiparty video conference calls anywhere, anytime, and on any device. If you need greater flexibility, each app can also be deployed as virtual machine software on VMware or Hyper-V.

Lifesize Applications :

Streaming and recording (Lifesize UVC Video Center)

You’ll never to need to take notes during a meeting again. Lifesize streaming and recording lets you define how your video calls can get streamed, recorded, accessed, embedded, shared and so much more.
  • Broadcast meetings to any location in HD live or on-demand
  • Review recorded meetings at any time
  • Share meetings with people who couldn’t be there
  • Invite anyone to watch a video stream without needing to attend the video conference
  • Embed videos into web pages, intranets and even social media

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